Hey TEAM #everydayWarrior,

You wished for something special - are you ready for this? I mean, are you ready to become

stronger, fitter, more athletic, look even better naked?


14-day #hybridchallenge

I will be uploading ONE workout Video per day for the next 14 days. You can expect HIIT workouts with no gym equipment, STRENGTH workouts with a pair of dumbbells (or even something to replace them e.g. water bottles, plates, kettlebells) I will use a pair of 6kg & a pair of 8kg. We will

mobilize and recover and most of all we WILL BE DRIPPING in SWEAT together and strengthen our mind and body.

Let’s push each other.

The workout videos will be on demand, so you can accomplish them whenever you want.


You will find the workout schedule / calendar on my youtube channel, which you can download, to check every day.

Who can join this challenge?

First of all, you have to be healthy! Everyone with at least some fitness experience can join this challenge, always remember: you can modify my exercises (pushup-variation can always be done on knees and so on), you can use less (or even more) weights than me (drop them if you can’t do any more rep) and you can always scale down your speed. Let’s do this! I believe in you!


There will be a special giveaway to all of you who will accomplish the full 14 DAYS of challenge.

For those who will accomplish by Monday, 19th of April send me the filled schedule on INSTAGRAM >> @fitness__kaykay – each day needs to be CHECKED up.

One #everydaywarrior will be drawn by chance. You can win a mixed box full with products which I admire and use, from my fav supplement sponsor @foodspring (150€ – WORLD WIDE SHIPPING!).

Well: let the challenge begin. Enjoy the progress!

#hybridchallenge. Start now!